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About Us

The Designer & Brand

Roza Design showcases the original jewellery and mixed media artwork of artist Alexandra Roza. We are also a contemporary online gallery representing selected artists, established and emerging.

Alexandra has long been attracted to new and innovative art mediums that expand the possibilities of art and design. In 2016, she began experimenting with resin and fell in love with its unpredictability, fluidity and malleability. Today, resin features strongly as the core medium for her jewellery and art work.

Her inspiration comes from many sources, including nature, the world around her, her extensive travels in Asia and Africa, and visual imagery of the past.

Roza Art

Born and raised in Canada, Alexandra pursued her love of painting at school and later at university. After receiving her Master of Arts from McGill University, she pursued a career in the corporate world which took her to Europe, Australia and Asia. 

As an artist, she continued to express herself in paint but also began exploring other mediums such as ceramic, ink and metalsmithing. In 2016, she decided to pursue her art again full time and established Roza Design. Alexandra creates each piece with an eclectic mix of mediums, ranging from inks and acrylics to resin. In her recent work, colour is both the medium and the subject. This body of works expresses her thoughts, dreams, moods, or desires at a precise moment.

Roza Jewellery (To be launched soon)

Ou jewellery is designed and individually handcrafted in Alexandra’s  studio. While the inspiration for her jewellery changes with each collection, what remains constant is her fascination with clean lines, bold forms, light and colour. She works in a wide range of materials and incorporates recycled materials and eco-friendly materials such as bio-resin in her work.

Roza produces two jewellery collections – “Multiples” our core collection and “One” one-off pieces. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece, slightly differing in pattern or colour, and beautifully imperfect.